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XBMC Eden Now Available!

March 26, 2012 Leave a comment

This day has finally come… XBMC v11.0 or Eden has finally been released after a year in the making. The XBMC team have done an absolutely fantastic job and have created in my opinion the greatest media centre software available to date. With this new version it brings a vast amount of improvements and bug fixes. The main improvements being dirty-region rendering and the new JPEG decoder, a simpler, better library, movie set scraping, additional protocol handling, better networking support, better handling of unencrypted BluRay content and structures, adjustable display refresh rate in OSX (to match the already available feature in Windows and Linux), AirPlay support and an upgraded weather service with geoip lookup to name a few.

This release also brings with it the release of XBMCbuntu Final which is a replacement for XBMC-Live so if you wanting to get all of the benefits or a Live machine also with a desktop interface go check it out.

As usual you can easily install or upgrade to Eden via the XBMC Downloads page here.

For all of you iOS users you can simply go into Cydia and upgrade XBMC.

If you are running an XBMC-Live machine you can follow my guide here to update.

For more info on XBMC Eden you can see the official post here.


XBMC Eden Beta Released

December 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Merry Christmas to all and Happy XBMCing as it appears to be with the release of Eden Beta 1.
You can find more info on the release here and downloads here.

Release notes can be found here.

If your updating your XBMCLive machine you can follow my guide here, or your iOS device by following here.

Sorry for the late posting as I’m out of town and have been building a swing set.

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Update XBMC for iOS to pre-Eden (nightlies)

October 7, 2011 Leave a comment

I recently purchased myself an iPad2 purely for the use of XBMC on the go, with the vast amount of media that I watch I just felt that this was the best solution and its a great remote for my main XBMC-Live machine at home.

So in the post I will be covering how we can update to the latest nightlies of pre-Eden for iOS on the iPad2, I’m sure these steps will be similar for the ATV2 as well, feel free to let me know if I am wrong.

Firstly you will need to have a Jailbroken device, I will not cover this, but there are many articles on how to do this via the Googles. Secondly we will need to setup the required repositories on the iOS device. This is simply done by openning Cydia and selecting the Sources tab at the bottom of the screen. Once on this screen press the Edit button in the top right of the screen and then press Add on the top left. This will allow us to add in the required repositories.

Type in the below repositories one by one:

When adding these repositories it will refresh the catalog for cydia after you add each repository so please be patient. When this has completed press the Done button on the top right of the screen.

You should now see something similar to the below once the repositories have been added:

Now press the Search button down the bottom of the screen this will then allow us to install the required packages for XBMC, we must install the Cydia version of XBMC before upgrading to the nightly build otherwise we will encounter issues. In the search box type in “xbmc” without quotes and you should see the below two items. Install both of these packages, then type in “wget” without quotes and install the package:

Once you have installed the packages you can now exit out of Cydia. Congratulations you now have XBMC installed on your iOS device. Now comes the slightly trickier steps of installing the latest nightly build.

Now on your computer open up your browser and head to this will list the latest nightlies that are available. At the time of writing this the version was: xbmc-20111005-288f496-master-ios.deb so copy the URL for the package and fire up your SSH/Terminal Client, for this example I will use PuTTY.

You can obtain the IP address of your iOS device via the settings app.

Once you have connected to the iOS device via SSH you will need to login to the device, the defaults should be root/alpine unless previously changed:

login as: root
root@’s password:
Scottys-iPad:~ root#

Once we have logged in we can download the latest XBMC nightly package, type in the below and paste the URL copied from the previous step.


This will download the XBMC package to your iOS device. It should be around 45M so please be patient. Once it has completed downloading enter the below command to install the nighlty build over the top of the Cydia version:

dpkg -i xbmc-20111005-288f496-master-ios.deb

Once this has completed you should be returned to the prompt, at this point we can delete the installation package to free up some room for more media, this is done wit the below command:

rm xbmc-20111005-288f496-master-ios.deb

Congratulations you have now updated to the latest nightly build of XBMC for iOS. You may now close the SSH client and start up XBMC on your iOS device.

I hope this has helped you to experience the latest features XBMC has to offer 🙂

If you are wondering what this skin is that I’m using it is called Touched and can be found here.

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XBMC Eden beta 1 imminent

October 4, 2011 Leave a comment

XBMC announced a soft-freeze which means no more adding new features to the next version of Eden. A beta 1 release will follow shortly, lets hope sooner rather than later.

I personally can’t wait to update my Live machine to get some much needed functionality.

On the XBMC website a list with new features is mentioned as per below:

  • A new “Files” view in the video library in order to remove the notion of Library Mode vs. Files Mode that confused so many new users.
  • The default skin changed to a horizontal layout allowing for more useful information to be displayed on the home screen (vertical version is still available in Add-ons)
  • Efficiency improvements to reduce high cpu/gpu usage
  • Much improved touchscreen support to go along with the first major versioned XBMC release for the iOS (iPad, iPhone, AppleTv2)
  • Ability to customize the home screen by adding your favorite Add-ons
  • The usual smattering of visual improvements, playback improvements, new ways to stream and discover media.. the list goes on.

More info below at the XBMC site:

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AirTunes support for XBMC added

September 28, 2011 4 comments

Good news peoples another update is making it’s way to XBMC, AirTunes. AirTunes will let iOS clients and iTunes think there’s another set of speakers within the network, by emulating an Airport Express. AirTunes support will only work for iOS, MacOS and Linux versions of XBMC.

More information can be found on:

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