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Boxee Box Beta 2 Firmware v1.5.1.23731 released

Updates are coming thick and fast now, thanks to the Boxee team. This Beta 2 release fixes many more bugs and improves on the awesomeness that is Boxee.

Bug fixes

Live TV

  • When you have more than 2 friends watching the same show, none is presented
  • Live TV: Audio / Video sync problem

Networking & File Playback

  • Folder browsing stack not cleared when using sidebar menu to switch browsing target
  • HDMI Audio failed to initialize error forces reboot to play any video and get audio output (AVR turned off)
  • Loud distorted sound over SPDIF when playing MP3 audio using wolfgang’s vault app
  • Stacked files: SMB password shown in file path
  • Some 720p XviD avi plays choppy, stuttering


  • Video/audio skip with netflix


  • Greyed out image overlay via watched TV shows should be removed and just the green watched icon should be displayed
  • There is no focus in browser history screen
  • Reduce presence of the pause icon in OSD
  • Update the CC icon in OSD to a new one to reflect current scope of the dialog
  • Show IMDB rating with decimal point.


  • Web interface (i.e. iPhone remote) does not accept lowercase L character entry


  • Portuguese translation (pt-br) issues in firmware 1.5

Firmware available here.
Remember to rename the file to boxee.iso before loading it to your unit :)

More information can be found below:


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