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Boxee Box Beta 1 Firmware v1.5.1.23679 released

Whoops looks like I fell asleep for this one, but the Boxee team have released another Beta firmware for the Boxee Box, this time its not an RC or alpha but its labelled Beta 1 and it comes with a few more bug fixes and improvements:

Live TV

  • Cannot launch Live TV after a successful scan
  • Zip Code on Live TV needs to be mandatory, currently you can leave blank and select Next
  • Live TV edit channel caused a crash

Networking & File Playback

  • Cannot skip audio tracks (mp3 mainly) when playing video and audio
  • Video too slow, sound normal, playback unwatchable; AVI MSMPEG4 Video with mp3 Audio
  • Loud audio distortion on non-bitstreamed sources
  • Low resolution XviD/DivX videos playback is slow, stutters and dying audio


  • “A” and “The” are ignored but “An” is not (for Ignore Prefixes for Local Content on Sort setting)


  • Browser Redirect Bug (pop up management), selection added under Settings>System>Browser


  • Episode thumbnails are too small
  • Greyed out image overlay via watched TV shows should be removed and just the green watched icon should be displayed
  • Error in Swedish translations
  • Browsing for subtitles does not load

Firmware available here.
Remember to rename the file to boxee.iso before loading it to your unit :)

More information can be found below:


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