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Boxee Box Beta Firmware v1.5.0.23615 released

Nipping at the heals of the previous beta we have a new beta firmware to address the below bugs, looks like we may have the offical v1.5.0 firmware shortly.

Bug fixes:

  • Video still playing without Audio after leaving playback
  • An odd electronic sound while fast forwarding/rewinding
  • No Sound in Browser when EDID enabled
  • Boxee OpenFile cannot open thumbnails manager
  • SAMBA Authentication to Servers Accepting NTLMv2 Only Fails
  • Failed to connect to SMB password protected share with special characters in password
  • File Source for SMB password protected shares did not persist the credentials through boxee restart
  • Boxee keeps asking for username and password – “on the home screen”
  • Fail to mount password protected SMB file sources when the Settings client has same user name but a different password
  • Failed to add or use password protected SMB non English shares
  • After update to Boxee boots up, then gets to login screen and flashes to boot screen again in an infinite loop
  • Subtitles flickering during playback

Firmware available here.
Remember to rename the file to boxee.iso before loading it to your unit :)

More information can be found below:


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