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Boxee Box Beta Firmware v1.5.0.23556 released

It looks like the Boxee team has been very busy over the Christmas / New Year period and have been able to provide us with a new Beta firmware for the Boxee Box. Sorry I missed the first Beta of the year as I have been busy with other work.  This new firmware give us access to the v1.5.0 UI as well as fixing a slew of bugs and giving us back the option to change the role of the Play/Pause button on the remote.

See below for a list of the bug fixes / improvements in this version:


The Netflix Button on the Boxee Box remote allows quick access to the Netflix application however after listening to the feedback from the community we understand that ” Play/Pause” button for local content is as important.
You can now toggle the Netflix Button on the remote to “Launch the Netflix application” or “Play /Pause “ from the Settings>General >Advanced options screen.


  • Some more UI cleanup
  • Problems when sending an online video or pics from ipad to boxee over airplay
  • Screensaver does not start when set to 5 minutes
  • Browser Clear History Greyed Out in Boxee Browser app
  • Shuffle Icons Reversed during Music playback
  • Overview and Cast/Crew
  • Vimeo videos shared by friends or on the home page appear with the message “This video does not allow seeking”
  • In Movies, selecting the Movie Library button fails with a “Boxee not connected to Internet” error
  • Multiple entry/paths to same video file
  • Files > My Sources should be the default option under Files rather than Browse
  • Removal of the option to hide files and folders
  • Local Sources filter does not work for network sources
  • Browser Clear History Greyed Out in Boxee Browser app
  • Mono audio is output only to the left channel

Known limitations
*** Reverting from version 1.5.0 to version 1.2.2 requires factory restoring the Boxee Box ***

This version is in early access form hence various finishing issues can be found
The new features and functionality mentioned at the top are included in this build
Main exceptions:

  • Login: Using special characters in password e.g “!@#$%&” receive the error “Failed to create user”
  • Boxee fails to connect when trying to access UPnP server after shutting down a UPnP service (reproduced only with Asset UPnP server)

Firmware available here.
Remember to rename the file to boxee.iso before loading it to your unit 🙂

More information can be found below:


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