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Boxee Box Firmware v1.2.1.20451 released

The Boxee team released the official firmware update for the Boxee Box by D-Link. The official firmware contains many fixes, mainly for the SMB sharing issues, syncing, and streaming issues.

Bug fixes

Networking & File Playback

  • Inconsistency when trying to access a password protected share of Windows 7 via SMB
  • SMB mount fails with Invalid argument error
  • SMB fails to mount with error “Key has expired”
  • Fail to access or create SMB password protected shares when the password contains special characters
  • Mounting SMB CIFS password protected share is missing the domain parameter
  • SMB shares are only mounted to hosts which are found by boxee network discovery
  • SMB browsing into WORKGROUP fails
  • When adding an SMB password protected file source manually, boxee writes the password and user name in the log
  • SMB shares cannot be accessed on a Synology NAS when disabling the guest account
  • Using wrong credentials to access a SMB password protected share will fail and prompt user and pass dialog until reboot
  • Browsing into password protected SMB directory fails with error Operation not supported
  • Fail to access or create SMB password protected shares when the password contains special characters
  • Users is prompted for pre-defined password when accessing protected SMB sources
  • Subtitles show up as “unknown” instead of the proper language with embedded subs in MKVs
  • MKV playback over UPnP drops out after ~ 48 minutes
  • Cannot seek in MKV videos on UPnP
  • 2 channel FLAC always converted to 48 Khz PCM on HDMI interface if EDID is disabled
  • Boxee will only output 96Khz and 88.2 Khz PCM over HDMI if EDID is enabled in the Boxee settings
  • 88Khz FLAC and WAV files result in silent playback
  • Subtitles timing problem causes overlay
  • Song title in upper OSD disappear only every second select click
  • AC-3 Audio volume is lower than previous version
  • MPEG4 with packed bitstreams didn’t work
  • WMV streaming out of sync
  • Small ISO files would not fast forward / rewind
  • WMV/MMS streaming issues
  • Dropouts on AC-3 audio


  • UStream Lounge search/browse features stopped working
  • The Gymbox application not loading workouts
  • Accuweather App – hourly forecast is showing daily forecast data
  • HDHomeRun .strm files no longer work
  • Speed TV: Labels in List Container are scrolling


  • Boxee crash when trying to move up from the most upper line in the Share Dialog edit box


  • After removing a channel via the channel filter it remains available in the channels list, but it’s TV episodes are no longer available
  • Marking a TV show as watched doesn’t work


  • Remove redundant video controls from Bloomberg video
  • Audio stopped working after YouTube (appeared for other flash websites as well)


  • Localization sync for Accuweather
  • Norwegian translation errors
  • Italian translation errors


  • Logitech keyboard controller K700 support
  • AirPlay support for iOS 5 devices

Firmware available here.

More information can be found below:


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