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XBMC Eden beta 1 imminent

XBMC announced a soft-freeze which means no more adding new features to the next version of Eden. A beta 1 release will follow shortly, lets hope sooner rather than later.

I personally can’t wait to update my Live machine to get some much needed functionality.

On the XBMC website a list with new features is mentioned as per below:

  • A new “Files” view in the video library in order to remove the notion of Library Mode vs. Files Mode that confused so many new users.
  • The default skin changed to a horizontal layout allowing for more useful information to be displayed on the home screen (vertical version is still available in Add-ons)
  • Efficiency improvements to reduce high cpu/gpu usage
  • Much improved touchscreen support to go along with the first major versioned XBMC release for the iOS (iPad, iPhone, AppleTv2)
  • Ability to customize the home screen by adding your favorite Add-ons
  • The usual smattering of visual improvements, playback improvements, new ways to stream and discover media.. the list goes on.

More info below at the XBMC site:


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