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Lack Home Theatre Cabinet (Finished)

Well this is a good day, I have been able to complete the cabinet and I am very pleased with the outcome, after 2 weekends of working on this it has turned out just as I had imagined.

Enough about how I feel, lets see how I finished it all off.

If you haven’t yet read Part 1 you can find that here and Part 2 here.

Over the weekend I ventured to my local JayCar Electronics store and picked up some Speakercloth, this is what I mentioned in Part 2 and this is how I am going to cover the front panel, luckily I was able to borrow my father’s staple gun which made this a breeze to complete. I basically laid out the Speakercloth on a sheet of cardboard as to not rip of tear any of the cloth then the front panel on top of that. From here it was a matter or working from one side to another and making sure to apply light tension to each side of the cloth before stapling it down to the front panel. In order to allow the dowel on the front panel to protrude I cut out the cloth around these sections and made sure there were plenty of staples to make sure it doesnt come undone. Finally I went over each staple with a hammer to make sure they were all in flush with the timber.

So now all that is left to do is place the front panel on and marvel at the completion of this project. Fits like a glove 🙂

Another angle with the front panel attached.

Below are just a whole heap of photos showing the different angles and also a few with the cabinet placed inside my house against the wall sitting nicely above the skirting board.

Total cost ended up being AU$63.61 including 2 x Lack Side Tables, 2 x Ikea As-Is pieces of timber, 1M x 1.5M of Speaker Cloth, 1 Packet of 8mm Multi Groove Joining Dowel, 1.5M x 9.5mm Dowel, 2 x 4″L” Brackets.

So not bad considering most cabinets are at least $99 at Ikea but none this size 🙂

Again sorry for the poor quality photos, was using my iPhone, I plan on taking some nice high res ones when I hang my TV wall mount and position this cabinet below.

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