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OpenIndiana oi_151a officially released

The OpenIndiana team has offically announced the release of the OpenIndiana oi_151a, an updated fork of the community developed OpenSolaris, now supporting Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM).

DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibilty for any data loss during this process, it is assumed that you make regular backups of all data in case of data loss.

Updating your exisiting build is very simple, just enter these commands in terminal:

pfexec pkg install pkg:/package/pkg
pfexec pkg refresh --full
pfexec pkg image-update -v

This may take several minutes to complete but once completed you can check the version with the below command:

uname -a

You should then see the version running on your system displayed similar to the below:

SunOS <systemname> 5.11 oi_151a i86pc i386 i86pc

You are now running the latest version of OpenIndiana 🙂

PS. Dont forget about your running zones also, you can follow my post here to update your zones.

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