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Lack Home Theatre Cabinet (Part 1)

So I’ve been baby proofing my place lately as the little one has learnt to crawl and get into every little place and loves to press the buttons on my receiver and HTPC. I had been looking at several different solutions to secure my equipment behind a glass door while still giving me sufficient access to the rear of the cabinet. One was to use a 12U wall mounted server rack and add some legs to it place it on the ground, but this proved to be an expensive venture being over $600 for all the pieces required. This was not going to pass by the Wife soI started looking at alternaties when I came accross some great IkeaHacks. This gave me the idea to try and create my own Home Theatre Cabinet using some of the below items:

2 x Ikea Lack Side Tables (Black-Brown) – $9.95 each
3 x Ikea pieces of timber (Black-Brown) from the As-Is section – $11 for all three pieces
1 x 1.5M long 9.5mm wide dowel – $1.65

The As-Is section in your local Ikea is a gold mine for spare pieces of furniture that can be modified for you needs. I found 3 diffrent pieces that will work for my needs. Might not even use them all yet… still yet to decide how im going to finish it off but I will cover all that I have completed below.

So basically I have decided to make a box using the two Lack Side Tables and then add some short legs to the botton to allow for the Cabinet to sit above my skirting board and push back flush with the wall.

Firstly I cut 4 of the Lack Side Table legs to be 150mm long. In order to protect the legs I placed some cardboard around them so that when I clamp them in place I dont scratch or damage them.

Once I had cut all four legs to size, I noticed that the legs are actually hollow apart from the ends which have a compacted chipboard.

This threw a bit of a spanner in the works for a short amount of time but I figured the legs will be held into the table top via some dowel so it should be ok.

Next I marked out the middle legs to sit between the two table tops to make the cabinet. What I needed to do here was trim 15mm off each leg to allow for HTPC I have which was a little bit too wide to fit. So I made the markings and then used a utility knife to mark out the line and try to avoid the lamiante ripping when cutting.

Next I needed to cut the 15mm section off of each of the legs, in order to do this I used a jigsaw which made the job nice and easy once it was clamped into the work bench.

Now that the legs are all cut to size I need to enlarge the holes on the legs in order to place some 9.5mm dowel. I used a 9.5mm drill bit to enlarge the screw holes in the legs and wiggled it around slightly to allow for small variations when mounting the dowel. On the legs that have had the 15mm trimmed off the side I measured the screw hole locations and placed them onto the other end of the leg then drilled them.

I then enlarged the holes in the table tops with the base table top having predrilled 4 holes all the way through to mount the middle legs into the cabinet. (unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of this step). I then did a test fitting to ensure the legs all fit as required.

So far so good, though Im considering getting some dark sample paint to cover the exposed areas after the cutting. But I might not as the areas will not be visible when the cabinet is finished.

The legs are now glued and put into place, as you can see above I have moved the location of the rear legs of the base of the cabinet to allow for the skirting board in my house.

Here we can see the unit has all been glued together apart from the top piece as im not sure if im going to make this taller yet. Just trying to determine if I will have enough room. Might need to add a shelf to the middle to allow for some smaller devices to sit on. I left this to dry over night and will continue to work on this over the next week or so.

UPDATE: Part 2 is now online, you can find that here.

Sorry for the poor quality photos, was using my iPhone.

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