XBMC Eden Now Available!

March 26, 2012 Leave a comment

This day has finally come… XBMC v11.0 or Eden has finally been released after a year in the making. The XBMC team have done an absolutely fantastic job and have created in my opinion the greatest media centre software available to date. With this new version it brings a vast amount of improvements and bug fixes. The main improvements being dirty-region rendering and the new JPEG decoder, a simpler, better library, movie set scraping, additional protocol handling, better networking support, better handling of unencrypted BluRay content and structures, adjustable display refresh rate in OSX (to match the already available feature in Windows and Linux), AirPlay support and an upgraded weather service with geoip lookup to name a few.

This release also brings with it the release of XBMCbuntu Final which is a replacement for XBMC-Live so if you wanting to get all of the benefits or a Live machine also with a desktop interface go check it out.

As usual you can easily install or upgrade to Eden via the XBMC Downloads page here.

For all of you iOS users you can simply go into Cydia and upgrade XBMC.

If you are running an XBMC-Live machine you can follow my guide here to update.

For more info on XBMC Eden you can see the official post here.


Boxee Box Firmware v1.5.1.23735 released

The Boxee team have now released a brand new official firmware to the masses. You should all hopefully see this update now if you check for an update or reboot your box. Below is the list of fixes if you haven’t been running the betas:

New Features / Enhancements

– Live TV (Requires a Boxee Live TV dongle)
* Cannot launch Live TV after a successful scan
* Zip Code on Live TV needs to be mandatory, previously you could leave blank and select Next
* Live TV edit channel caused a crash
* When you have more than 2 friends watching the same show, none is presented
* Live TV: Audio / Video sync problem

– Networking & File Playback
* Cannot skip audio tracks (mp3 mainly) when playing video and audio
* Video too slow, sound normal, playback unwatchable; AVI MSMPEG4 Video with mp3 Audio
* Loud audio distortion on non-bitstreamed sources
* Low resolution XviD/DivX videos playback is slow, stutters and dying audio
* Folder browsing stack not cleared when using sidebar menu to switch browsing target
* HDMI Audio failed to initialize error forces reboot to play any video and get audio output (AVR turned off)
* Loud distorted sound over SPDIF when playing MP3 audio using wolfgang’s vault app
* Stacked files: SMB password shown in file path
* Some 720p XviD avi plays choppy, stuttering

– Libraries
* “A” and “The” are ignored but “An” is not (for Ignore Prefixes for Local Content on Sort setting)

– Browser
* Browser Redirect Bug (pop up management), selection added under Settings>System>Browser

– Applications
* Video/audio skip with Netflix

– Interface
* Episode thumbnails are too small
* Greyed out image overlay via watched TV shows should be removed and just the green watched icon should be displayed
* Browsing for subtitles does not load
* There is no focus in browser history screen
* Reduce presence of the pause icon in OSD
* Update the CC icon in OSD to a new one to reflect current scope of the dialog
* Show IMDB rating with decimal point.

– Remote
* Web interface (i.e. iPhone remote) does not accept lowercase L character entry

– Localization
* Error in Swedish translations
* Italian strings in 1.5
* Portuguese translation (pt-br) issues in firmware 1.5

Firmware available here or via Online Update.

More information can be found below:


Get the Boxee Box Beta 3 Update via the Online Updater

The Boxee team have finally started to finally allow users to get the Beta/Test builds of firmware via the Online Updater. So all of you that done want to stuff around with downloading the ISO and then copying to a USB stick to update your Boxee Box can now just go to Settings > System > Update and place a check in the Enable Beta/Test Firmwares check box. Now all you have to do is either restart or click Check for Update and you will be able to download the Beta 3 build of the firmware (v1.5.1.23734).

Enjoy using the latest Beta.

XBMC Eden RC2 Available Now!

March 5, 2012 2 comments

Damn I hate it when I miss an update over the weekend. Sorry about that folks, need to check the forums more often. But without further ado, XBMC Eden RC2 is here and available for download now. Only one major fix with this release as detailed below:

  • Laggy video / video out of sync introduced in RC1

More info can be found here on the XBMC.org site.

Downloads for all builds can be found here: Downloads

If you are running an XBMCLive machine, you can update to the latest version by following my guide here.

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Boxee Box Beta 3 Firmware v1.5.1.23734 released

Here comes Beta 3  for the Boxee Box with no detailed fixes, so I guess you guys will have to try it out and see whats new/fixed. That’s what I will be doing tonight.

Bug fixes

Unknown at this point in time.

Firmware available here.
Remember to rename the file to boxee.iso before loading it to your unit :)

More information can be found below:


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XBMC Eden RC1 Available Now!

February 29, 2012 Leave a comment

Well hows about that… only hours after posting about the imminent release of RC1 it has landed on the XBMC mirrors. Though from what has been covered in the forum its not without it share of issues straight off the bat. Not so good for a RC1 build but some forum members have resolved the issue quick smart, see below for the fix if you have laggy video or video out of sync. This build is also having some hiccups for XBMCbuntu builds for now so keep an eye out for an update soon. For the brief release notes see below:

  • Given preference to external subtitles over internal subtitles
  • Updated a number of XBMC translations for final release
  • Resolved a number of outstanding Airplay issues
  • Allowed specified movie sets to be sorted by title, rather than year, without changing the default sort order on other sets.
  • Weather location lookup via IP

More info can be found here on the XBMC.org site.

Downloads for all builds can be found here: Downloads

If you are running an XBMCLive machine, you can update to the latest version by following my guide here.

Laggy video / video out of sync fix is now in Eden RC2, find more info here.

XBMC Eden RC1 Almost here!

February 27, 2012 Leave a comment

The first release candidate version of XBMC is imminent. According to the commits on github the versions numbers have changed as the “pre-” has been removed from the Repos. To use a Eden skin with RC1 the skin version has to be set to at least 3.0 so say goodbye to backwards compatibility.

See more info below on Github:


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